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Atelier Disko

atelierdisko.deI am currently working at Atelier Disko, a design and software studio, where we build websites, digital products and design systems for casual and professional users.


artifacts.fyiBefore that I studied Interaction Design at HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd. My bachelor’s thesis was Artifacts – A Human-Centered Framework for Growing Ideas. Artifacts improves the way how people create, evaluate and evolve ideas and theories. Our initial question was: What if a digital system was designed from the ground up to support the process of nurturing ideas? To answer this we reimagined what an operating system centered around human thought would look like.


blokdots.comAs a side-project I am building blokdots together with my friend Olivier. blokdots is a tool that enables everyone to build interactive hardware prototypes without writing a line of code. We are currently implementing our vision for how hardware and software prototyping will interact in the future and how we will be bridging the gap between design tool and real world.


rundsk.comDSK — short for Design System Kit — is an open-source tool for collaboratively creating and documenting design systems that we started building at Atelier Disko. It is now spun into its own organization and is being maintained by Marius and me. We consider it a workbench — a place not just for polished design systems, but also for fragments and uncertainty. The design of DSK as a tool is guided by the mantra “low floor, high ceiling, wide walls”.

Student Project Archive

I always think it’s a bit sad when people take down their old portfolios with projects they did years ago. They may not be representative of your current skills anymore, but we all develop and grow — isn’t that amazing? Because of this I decided to leave my old projects online as an archive. You can check it out here.