Hi — I’m Christoph. I am an Interaction Designer living and working in Hamburg, Germany. The goal of my work is to make complexity manageable through accessible abstractions.

I also like thinking (and talking) about the expression and development of thoughts and ideas through prototyping, modeling and notation systems. I believe in good minimalism over bad complexity — but also in good complexity over good minimalism “It is the difficult unity through inclusion rather than the easy unity through exclusion.”. I want to create products that are respectful, considerate, ethical and empowering. Because of this I am interested in design, sociology, cultural studies and philosophy. I have found code to be the best medium to express my ideas.

In my day to day work I’ve been mostly focused on product design, digital-first branding and the creation and maintenance of design systems. Before coming to Hamburg I studied Interaction Design at University of Design Schwäbisch Gmünd in southern Germany.