Hi — I’m Christoph. I am an Interaction Designer living and working in Hamburg, Europe. I’m designing and building high-quality digital products. I focus on making complex challenges and tasks manageable by providing accessible abstractions.

As a designer I make things, and these things are, by definition, artifacts of culture. They use and exist in relation to (sub-)cultural codes, symbols and myths Paraphrasing Moritz Basler paraphrasing Roland Barthes, a myth is a formation of cultural knowledge that has obscured, suppressed or simply forgotten its own character as a structure of symbols and therefore the awareness of it being manufactured, relative and variable.. Because of this, I am interested in cultural studies, sociology, semiotics and aesthetics.

  • I want to create products that are meaningful, personal, generous, considerate, ethical and empowering.
  • As a designer I am naturally interested in how we can understand and react to complexity in situations, systems and problems. In particular, I like thinking (and talking) about the expression and development of thoughts and ideas through prototyping, modeling and notation systems.
  • I want to take part in the discourse of my discipline and try to contribute to a design theory that is rooted in practice.
  • I believe in good minimalism over bad complexity — but also in good complexity It is the difficult unity through inclusion rather than the easy unity through exclusion. over good minimalism.
  • Even though I consider myself a designer, I have found code to be the best medium to express my ideas.

In my day to day work I’ve been mostly focused on product design and strategy, digital-first branding and the creation and maintenance of design systems. Before coming to Hamburg I studied Interaction Design at University of Design Schwäbisch Gmünd in southern Germany.

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If you want to talk about any of this, feel free to reach out via mail@christophlabacher.com

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