Christoph Labacher is an Interaction Designer from Germany.

About me

My name is Christoph Labacher and I am a Designer at Atelier Disko in Hamburg.

I grew up near Tübingen, a small town in southern Germany, and went to university right after I finished school. I didn’t want to wait any longer, because since I became interested in design when I was 14 I was looking forward to thinking about it all day long. Studying Interaction Design has been exactly as amazing as I hoped it would be.

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Design thinking

I like well-crafted structures and thoroughly thought-through designs.

Good design starts with a structure that is concise, consistent and predictable. One that is appropriate for the data it represents and reliable for the users. A design has to function in all possible cases and if in question the user is always right.

I enjoy developing ideas and concepts that consider long-term use rather than just a first impression.

Being fun to use and nice to look at is only one quality of interfaces. While this is certainly important I think it is even more important that the joy of use doesn’t fade once you get to expect the delightful moments. An interface has to be suited for long-term, sometimes daily use and continue to be full of value.

I believe in agile methods and prototyping.

I don’t think you can design something that is dynamic, nonlinear and user-centered by looking at static screenshots. An interface concept has to be tested on-device and then be redefined over and over again, because too often your first assumptions are wrong.


I like to design using Sketch and the CS-Suite (mostly Photoshop and InDesign, sometimes Illustrator and AfterEffects).

I use Principle and Framer.js for small, quick prototypes and HTML, CSS and JavaScript with different libraries for larger, final prototypes. I’m currently starting out with native prototyping and Apple’s Swift.

I’m a bit of a workflow nerd – my favorite workflow enhancements are Markdown and Git.

If you have lots of time: I wrote an extensive essay about my toolbox on Medium (10 minute read).


Christoph Labacher
Steilshooper Straße 264
22307 Hamburg

Skype: christoph.labacher
49 157 34719441


1995 Born in Tübingen
2000 – 2013 Primary and Secondary School in Dusslingen
2013 – 2017

Studying Interaction Design (B.A.) at HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

Fall 2015

Intern at Smart Design, London

Spring 2016

Intern at precious design studio, Hamburg

Summer 2017

Completed B.A. in Interaction Design

Since October 2017

Interaction Designer at Atelier Disko, Hamburg


19.01.17 Tab Sort — Improving Tabs in Firefox
24.06.16 Thoughts on managing knowledge
06.05.15 Zen-Mode – A concept for a product that helps you improve your work environment
26.05.15 Can interactions be too fast? – Thoughts on speed and artificial shortage
09.04.15 The future of UI is AI


These are the projects presented on this portfolio – click on one of them to get to a case study or go to a random project. You can also go to the overview.

1/7 – Artifacts is a human-centered framework for growing ideas (Work in Progress).
2/7 – OPMS is an interface for managing a hospital’s surgery department.
3/7 – Cousteau is an interactive installation about the deep sea.
4/7 – Money is a mobile and desktop app for private finance management.
5/7 – HfGuide is an app that guides users through an exhibition.
6/7 – SWARM is a motion-controlled mini-game.
7/7 – Feet is an experimental study on foot-based interaction concepts.