Christoph Labacher is an Interaction Design student from Germany.

1/6 – Money is a mobile and desktop app for private finance management.
2/6 – Cousteau is an interactive installation about the deep sea.
3/6 – OPMS is an interface for managing a hospital’s surgery department.
4/6 – HfGuide is an app that guides users through an exhibition.
5/6 – SWARM is a motion-controlled mini-game.
6/6 – Feet is an experimental study on foot-based interaction concepts.

My name is Christoph Labacher and I am studying Interaction Design (BA) at HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd in the south of Germany.

I like well-crafted structures and thoroughly thought-through designs. I believe in agile methods and prototyping. I enjoy developing ideas and concepts that consider long-term use rather than just a first impression.

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